Change Intelligence

Balance Yourself
Through Change

How well do you manage yourself through change?

Discover how well you manage the major symptoms of change with The Art of Yin Diagnostic Assessment and uncover the best strategy for you to find balance.

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Helping you balance yourself through change

In today's fast paced world, many of us have become adept at juggling multiple things at once. From our corporate careers to our businesses, aging parents and a family of our own, right through to your personal relationships; Change has become such a fundamental part of our lives that we've HAD to adapt or get swallowed alive by the constant demands.

But this never-ending demand for action has created a problem. 

We no longer have time to process these changes, (let alone balance ourselves if we get the wobbles), before the next change is thrust upon us. Ultimately, we are left in a perpetual state of stress that goes unacknowledged until...

  • the anxiousness overtakes us

  • the 'weight of the world' becomes too much to carry

  • we burn out in fiery glory

  • the numbness sets in and we start drifting through life

  • we feel restricted and unable to move because of others expectations

  • the emotional overwhelm causes the tears to burn behind our eyes

  • we find ourselves being constantly diminished or belittled by those around us

  • we completely disconnect and believe that 'others do not care about what I'm going through'

You see, our bodies produce a physical, mental and emotional response each time change presents itself in our lives. From the smallest of things like the Cafe not having our usual coffee order, to the big things like getting a promotion or moving house. It's a natural and unavoidable part of life. 

What's not natural, is bypassing/avoiding these responses in order to keep up with these changes. Our bodies, mind and spirit NEED time to process what is happening inside us and around us.


We need time to de-stress.

We need time to self-regulate. 

We need time to honour ourselves.

The question is: Are you balancing YOURSELF through change?

How We Can Work Together

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1:1 Mentoring

1:1 Mentoring

Helping you manage the complexity of imposed change and the inner turmoil this can bring.

Enjoying Sunset


Group Programs

Guiding you to a deeper understanding of yourself while supported by a community.

Exploring Nature

Online Learning

Online Learning

For those who like to go on the self-development journey online and at their own pace.

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About Bex Smith

Known as your Cheerleader for Change, Bex Smith is a Speaker, Trainer, Body Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Wellbeing Mentor, Corporate Facilitator and People & Change Consultant. She is on a mission to help you find balance in change.


Inspired by nature, her ground breaking new model, The Art of Yin, combines Change Intelligence with Emotional Intelligence to help you better manage your emotions as you learn to adapt and grow to your changing environments in life, business or career. 

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There is a secret to balancing yourself through the ever changing nature of life. Do you know what it is?

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How well do you manage personal change?

Discover how well you manage the major symptoms of change with The Art of Yin Diagnostic Assessment and uncover the best strategy for you to find balance.